Heat-saving windows


The concept of heat-saving window in the conditions of the moderate climate means that these windows do not let the warm air out of the house, thus reducing heating costs. Previously installed single glazed windows, on the contrary, let the warm air out of the house, and even the second window frame have not slowed this process. Modern standard double glazed windows are still not very effective, since their thermal resistance coefficient is small in comparison with the coefficient of thermal resistance of the wall.

Heat-saving windows

Triple glaze windows have a higher weight, especially if the window opens quite wide. A window with triple glazing protects the house from the cold air better than a double glazed window, which helps save you a lot of money on heating. The degree of heat saving also depends on the size of the space between the windows glasses.

Argon and krypton between windows. The convection currents are formed between the windows glasses during the winter. Thus changing weather conditions. The space between the window forms a microcosm with its meteorological conditions, and the process of convection (heat transfer) accelerates the air cooling. But if space is filled with a heavy inert gas, such as argon, the cooling process is slowed down. Krypton slows down the process even better, but it costs a fortune.

Energy-efficient window covering. Energy-saving glass coating is a very effective component of the window, which performs two functions. First, the coating flows into the house the shortwave solar energy (visible light and heat), due to this house is heated in the winter. Secondly, the coating prevents the heat loss of the house and reduces the amount of heat that travels to the cold outer glass window. In summer, energy saving coating reduces heat penetration, reflecting the long-wave radiation back into the environment.

Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of window frame materials. The most popular among them are: wooden, aluminum and vinyl window frames. Not so long time ago the windows frames were made of wood, as this material has good heat resistance and looks beautiful. However, due to the condensation timber may be deformed and even can be covered with the mold, which leads to construction deformation if not to take measures to protect the material. The main advantages of vinyl windows is the high heat resistance and resistance to condensation. Besides , they are easy to install, and, due to the fact that many manufacturers are now engaged in their production, they are comparatively cheap.

The cost of the good quality windows. Heat-saving model used to cost about 12-15% more expensive than other options, but the change in energy policy and in the preferences of homeowners contributed to the decision of the manufacturers to switch on the production of the highest quality windows. Currently, the price difference is minimal, and you can buy triple glazed windows, energy efficient windows with argon and other heat-saving model at quite affordable price.

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