The Benefits of Painting Your Roof


Our roofs are the most vital aspect of our homes construction, keeping us dry and sheltered from poor weather. You will often find that your roof is the first part of your buildings fabric to fail, and sadly, it’s the failure that will impact your comfort and safety the most.

For that reason, keeping on top of roof maintenance is imperative. In this article, we’ll discuss several reasons why painting your roof is an idea that you should consider.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Heat energy has the ability to both enter and leave your home through the roof. This means that making your roof structure as efficient as possible is the key to reducing your energy consumption and in turn the price you pay to heat and cool your home.

There are several roof coatings available which contain a special tint formula which can minimise the absorption of UV rays. These coatings can therefore lower the surface temperatures of your roof and limit the amount of heat that is transferred through it – great for our Australian summers.

Reducing Degradation

As mentioned, it is normal for roofs to degrade over time and become less effective. Your roof is required to withstand the elements of wind, rain and harsh sunlight which is guaranteed to take its toll. Whilst your average roof should last for around 25 years or more, there is much you can do to increase its lifespan.

Painting your roof will act as a sealant, preventing extreme sunlight from tarnishing the surface. This alone will increase the life of your roof tiles, your flashings, as well as any tar or bitumen that has been used in your roofs construction.

Improving Water Resistance

If there is one thing you want your roof to do, it is to protect your home from water ingress. If you’re experiencing a leak, it’s probably coming from your roof so you will need to get it looked at immediately.

Once repaired, a coat of specialist roof paint will act as a sealant and prevent rainwater from making its way through any gaps in your tiles. Couple this with the waterproof membrane you have fitted and your roof should keep you dry for years to come.

Where Can I Get My Roof Painted?

Any good building or construction contractor and roofing specialist should be able to advise you on painting your roof. If you require repairs first, they will be able to quote for any remedial work and apply your roof paint once finished. Roof painting in Perth has become popular over the years and for good reason. The sooner you have your roof painted, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

Make sure that the contractor you proceed with offers you a warranty on their work. A minimum of ten years is what you should be aiming for. It is also a good idea to take a look at the specifications of the roof paint they propose to make sure that you’re happy with its performance.

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