Mission: Moving House


Moving can be a stressful when you realise that you are relocating not just your life but your entire family and all of your things. Something can easily get lost in the mix, left behind, and never seen again. The main thing to do to keep it all organised is to put your responsibilities into two piles in your mind: before the move and after the move.

Before the Move

Going through a home’s worth of things can be torture but you want to be sure to declutter before you move so that you aren’t left with a mess on top of an unboxing process once you get there. Create three piles to make it easier:

  • Keeping
  • Throwing out
  • Donating

This will also help you start to sort things out for the movers. Once you’ve gotten yourself organised, you should invest in affordable home removals in Sheffield that will offer you every service to make the process painless. Make sure that everything is labelled correctly; beyond that, the movers should be able to take care of all the lifting and packing so you can focus on the next part of your mission.

After the Move

Get everyone in the family settled before worrying about decorating or setting up the house. Solidify schools, transfer records, and switch over information so that you can finally feel settled. After finishing the tedious paperwork, you can unpack your hopefully minimised piles of things and get sorting.

With a little planning and forward thinking, you can make even the most daunting experience go by smoothly.

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