The Many Benefits Of Scaffolding


Scaffolding has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years and its uses and advantages are well known. When a building or structure is under new construction or repairs are being made, scaffolding allows the workers to move around freely and safely. It is a temporary construction that can be taken down as fast as it went up. There are many types of materials used when manufacturing scaffolding, but the two most popular are steel and aluminium. Sometimes a small area needs to be reached and for this, you can use scaffold towers.

Safe And Easy.

Scaffold towers are a really safe way to complete your work, whether you are a plasterer, painter or window cleaner. They are generally made from aluminium, so are lightweight but very strong and durable. They can be set up in minutes and are much safer to use than standard ladders. There is no need to have someone there holding the scaffold tower, as it is firmly placed on the ground. You can also get castors or wheels on the tower, so when you are finished one area, you can just move it along. It is a great way to do work by yourself, but with real safety. Getting access to the towers is easy, as there are steps up to the top.

Steel Scaffolding.

Steel scaffolding is also a popular choice and has been the scaffold of choice for many years. It can be reused, comes with decking so you can walk safely, and has safety lines.You can insulate it in the event you hit some power lines, which may occur if you are an electrician and working at great heights. Steel is heavier than aluminium, but it gives you a firm standing and can stand up to the heaviest of rain or the strongest wind. As far as durability goes, steel scaffolding stands the test of time and will still be used long after we are gone.

Easy Access.

Scaffolding allows us to reach places that are not easily accessible and it means that we are not over stretching, or reaching out beyond our natural limits. Working on ceilings or high walls is made much easier with it, and it can be placed both internally and externally. Ladders can be used, but they don’t offer a really solid platform on which to work. With a ladder only one worker at a time can do what he needs to do. With scaffolding, you can have multiple workers, all with different trades, all working alongside each other.

Health And Safety.

The main reason for using steel or aluminium scaffolding or scaffold towers, is the safety aspect. When it’s constructed, it offers great strength that won’t move, unlike a ladder. Scaffolding will have four anchor points and not two like the standard ladder, which offers more support for the worker. It is much easier to keep your balance on a flat surface, so the likelihood of accidents on site diminishes. Scaffolding also allows you to install a handrail for extra balance and safety.

Putting yourself in danger by using a ladder and over reaching is a common reason for accidents. Scaffolding offers stability, strength and a much safer place to work. Get yourself some scaffolding today.

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