One of the things that surprises people the most when they are shopping for garage doors is the selection that is now available. Garage doors are made of different materials and come in a variety of sizes and even colours. They can be manually or electronically operated and the same companies that make and sell garage doors will also repair and maintain them. They also work with both residential and commercial customers so whether you are a homeowner, a restaurant owner, or even the operator of an industrial facility with a loading dock, you can find the perfect garage door every time.

Well-Made Garage Doors at Prices You Can Afford

The companies that offer garage doors in Leicestershire sell many different kinds including up-and-over doors, insulated doors, timber and steel doors, side-hinged doors, and even sectional garage doors. They can be dark or light, large or small, and insulated or not. If your home has an outdoorsy feel that looks better with wooden garage doors, they can provide this product. If your home is more artsy and contemporary, you can choose steel doors finished with colours that match your décor. Whatever you want, you can easily find and it all starts by choosing the right company.

Garage Doors Can Complement Anyone’s Décor

The right garage door is certain to complement your décor and even if you are unsure of which door would look best in your home or business, the companies that make the doors can help. They can make sure that you get the right size, design, and colour so that your home or office comes together and looks great when the job is complete. They offer dozens of personalised solutions so that in the end, you are sure to get the garage door you want, the customer service you need, and the price you deserve.


A garage is an important part to any home or office, but if you don’t stay organised, it can fill up with clutter and fall into disrepair before you know it. If you aren’t sure where to begin with garage maintenance and upkeep, take a quick look at these helpful tips:

  • Clean your home garage at least once a month. If your office has a garage, hire a cleaning service to perform routine maintenance for you.
  • Always check garage door safety features carefully to insure that nobody is accidentally injured.
  • Check wooden garage doors for signs of water damage or moisture, which could create serious issues later on.

Find the Perfect New Garage Door for Your Home or Office

Obviously, there are a lot of things to keep in mind if you want to keep your garage orderly and functional. One of the most annoying parts of taking care of your garage is maintaining garage doors and their moving mechanisms. You can take preventative measures to keep your doors working smoothly, but unfortunately, garage doors are only machines, and as such, eventually they are going to break down. Nothing lasts forever after all, and garage doors will need to be replaced after long-term usage. If you need to replace your garage door, you may already be feeling a little overwhelmed. To be sure, it can take a surprising amount of time to locate the ideal garage door in your city, and it can be a pain to install it all by yourself. Fortunately, there is a quick and convenient option for shopping for quality garage doors all over the world.

garage roller shutter doors

Order Garage Doors Online to Save Time and Money

If you are in need of a new garage door but don’t have the time to go all over town searching for a new one, you are in luck. Ordering garage doors online from a licensed dealer has never been easier, and you can see autorolls garage roller shutter doors and other models in no time, thanks to the streamlined and user-friendly search options. You can peruse different styles of doors, read customer reviews, and even contact a professional for an expert opinion all from the comfort of your own home. Likewise, garage door dealers online frequently offer special rates and discounted prices for the savvy shopper, so you’ll be able to save both time and money when shopping on the World Wide Web! Here are few more of the amazing benefits you get when you order your new garage door online:

  • Garage door dealers online can offer international shipping options, so you can find the perfect door no matter where you live.
  • Many garage door dealers online even offer installation tips and advice to make the entire process run much more smoothly.
  • Most online garage dealers offer warranties as well, so you can remedy any future problems quickly.

Next time you need to find a new garage door, contact a professional garage door dealer online. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and frustration by ordering from home, so don’t wait another minute!


In order to increase the value of your home, it is important that you take care of your garage doors. It will help in increasing the curb appeal of your property. If you fix a good garage door, it will distinguish your property from the rest of the properties in the neighborhood. You can even order for a custom made garage door as that will be designed as per your specifications and design requirements.

Some of the most common types of garage doors include the Canopy Side, Retractable, and Hinged Sectional Retractable. Sectional garage doors are very helpful when you have lesser space in your driveway as they open and shut vertically. They allow car parking close to the door. Out of the various designs, the very popular ones are the self storing, sectional, and upward acting garage doors. Doors Direct is a real specialist in garage doors.

Types of Garage Doors

You will come across some of the top quality motorized and remote controlled garage doors unlike the old manual doors. One of the most popular of them is the overhead garage door. It is the material used in making the door that holds great importance. Selection of material will in turn depend on how warm you want to keep your garage and also the overall style of your property. You can choose from a wide range of wood, steel, and fiberglass garage door materials.

The overhead garage doors come with automatic stop and start features. They are much easy to use and also come with superb options and safety features. They function with a rolling system. The door of the garage rolls up and stores itself along the garage roof. They are smooth to operate and are highly compact. Doors Direct is one of the most popular garage door manufacturers.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are preferred by many homeowners primarily for their appearance and inexpensive attribute than durability. If you want a wooden garage door that will last for years yet enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, then you should check out the solid cedar wooden types. The sections of roll-up wood doors might have either a flush or a panel construction.

The manufacturers of panel garage doors fix many separate rectangular shaped panels into a wooden frame. Here the flush sections are created by attaching a plywood panel on top of a wooden frame. The biggest disadvantage of wooden garage doors is that they tend to expand and contract which might result in cracking up or warping. Also, they need regular re-painting and refinishing.

Steel Garage Doors

The biggest advantage with steel garage doors is that they do not crack or warp due to weather. They need low maintenance. Also the modern day steel garage doors are all made up of hot-dipped galvanized steel which are vinyl clad preventing the door from getting rust. They do not require re-painting. Some of the steel wooden doors that come with grained steel skins look so much like wood. The only disadvantage of steel garage door is that they can dent and are quite tough to repair.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Also known as GRP, it is used in locations that need light and also in areas having salty ocean climates. The retractable garage door is one of the most popular GRP garage doors. Fiberglass is highly durable and tough. They require a mild exterior cleaning for retaining their quality.


Perhaps you’re familiar with this routine: one sunny Saturday, you decide it’s time to clean that garage at last. You put a whole day of effort into it, and by sundown, you’re shocked that you have floor and wall space again, everything has a place, and it looks presentable even to your relatives again. Unfortunately, this honeymoon phase doesn’t last long before clutter creeps back into your life. You suddenly realize that the garage is a mess again just a few weeks later.

To get out of this “one step forward, two steps back” routine, you need to stop clutter from forming. This means everything needs to have a place that everyone in your household knows about. Organizing your garage properly isn’t just getting rid of the mess – it means making sure you won’t fall into bad habits again. Here’s how you can organize your garage for good!

Figure out what your end goal is.

Different people have different priorities for their garage. Some people want a space where they can easily work on home improvement projects, while others need space to overwinter their plants. Some just want a space where it’s easy and roomy to park a car, and others need to store sports equipment in such a way that it’s easy to access everything. You don’t have to choose just one priority, either; when you’re organizing this way, you can have it all as long as you know what your end goals are.white kid desks bhg

Clear everything out of the garage and put like things together.

Pull everything you have stored in your garage out and clean the garage itself with your mop, broom, and so on. If you want to paint or refinish any work surfaces or the floor, now is the time to do so. Then, turn your attention to the stuff you’ve pulled out and sort it all out. Put camping gear together, holiday decorations together, sports gear together, and so on. The more organized your stuff is, the easier the next few steps will be.

Purge everything you really don’t need.

Take a look at your groups of things and see if you have any duplicates, stuff you don’t use anymore, and so on. You can probably pick out a few things immediately, but keep working to get rid of about half of your stuff. This may seem overwhelming, but the practice of prioritizing what you would keep versus what you would ditch can let you know what you really need.

Map out and label your zones.

Finally, you can start mapping out your zones of storage space, expanding them with shelving, hooks, and bins, and labeling the zones. Use a label maker like the dymo 450 to bring order to your space by identifying what goes where. For example, label where the sports equipment should be stored and what belongs in each drawer of your tool workstation.

If you take a longer-term approach to organizing your garage by figuring out where each thing should go, you will greatly improve the chances of your garage staying organized weeks and months later. Don’t be afraid to use labels and bins to create storage zones so that you always know where something should go, and when you’re using your garage every day, take the extra few seconds to put things back where they belong.


When it comes to safety, garages are one of the weakest points in the house. They offer some of the easiest entry points for savvy burglars, they contain many dangerous implements that can wound kids and even unwary adults, and they tend to receive a lot less attention than other rooms in the house. If you live in an area that is especially sensitive to crime or if you simply want to improve the general safety of your garage door, use these features to improve your situation:

1. Keycodes: Keycodes consist of panels that you use to type in a specific code that opens your garage door. You can install these keycode panels either in addition to your typical remotes, or as a much more secure replacement for remotes. This way, only those who know the code can enter your garage, and you can easily change the code (typically a four digit list of numbers) at will.

2. Keychains: Keychains offer similar security to keycodes, but in a different. In this case the garage remote remains a handy one-touch button, but it is now attached to a dongle that is in turn attached to your keychain. This prevents the common problem of leaving access to your garage available to anyone who has access – criminal or otherwise – to your car. The dongles also have comparable prices when it comes to choosing keychains instead of remotes.

3. Proper Auto Reverse Features: The auto reverse feature is intended to help prevent any injuries that may occur if the garage door accidentally lowers onto a child or pet. The infrared sensors pick up motion and not only stop the garage door but actually reverse its trajectory, raising it open to help immediately release anyone who may be trapped. This is an important, often required feature, and if your garage door does not have it then you should make sure it is equipped.

4. Multiple Sensors: The infrared sensors that protect your garage door are not the only sensors that your garage should include. While many homes do not include it, a smoke detector can prove invaluable in preventing serious garage fires that can be caused by overheating machinery, malfunctioning HVAC appliances, or heaters used during wintertime. Likewise, a carbon monoxide detector can help detect dangerous gas levels if cars are turned on without proper ventilation.

5. Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning in a garage is a requirement for proper safety. The floor should be a center of attention – oil spills and debris can cause people to slip or provide fuel for dangerous fires. Cleaning up other clutter can also help reduce the possibility of a fire – not to mention help prevent accidental injury caused by toppling equipment or items.

6. Dangerous Object Security: Those regular cleaning sessions should also include time devoted to securing any dangerous objects, specifically sharp objects, all power tools, and anything that can be used to start a fire. This will prevent children from accidentally injuring themselves or others, and will also aid overall garage safety and organization.

7. Wise Weight Management: Garages are great for storing extra items, but no matter how many racks or shelves you have, follow a simple rule: put heavy objects down toward the garage floor, and lighter objects up above. Storing heavy weight up can cause shelves to collapse and racks to teeter. Over the long term, can cause damage to your garage components and possibly injury when trying to hoist them down.

8. Deadbolt Locking: If you store high-price items in your garage or have expensive equipment that you do not want stolen or damaged, invest in a professional deadbolt that fits into your garage door for extra protection. These deadbolts prevent anyone from accessing your garage unless they can enter your house and disable them first.