Simple DIY Automatic Garage Door Maintenance Anyone Can Do

The convenience of an automatic garage door is one homeowners often take for granted. That is, until the garage door stops working. To ensure your garage door functions properly, it’s important to perform a few simple maintenance steps on a regular basis. These are tasks that practically anyone can do and that take only a few minutes of time. For the best results, set a regular schedule to care for your automatic garage door and post a note on your calendar so you don’t forget.
Regularly inspect the door’s mechanisms and any moving parts. Look for breaks, chips, dents or other flaws that could present a problem in the door’s operation and fix them or have them repaired immediately.
Check the axles and rails to ensure all connections are secure, screws are tight, and the parts move freely and without hindrance. Use a common household oil to lubricate rollers, springs, axles, rails and hinges. This will keep everything moving smoothly and help the door open and close without undue strain.
Garage Door Maintenance
Clean your door regularly with a solution of mild dishwashing liquid or detergent mixed with water. Use a soft cloth and wash down the door, then rinse thoroughly to prevent streaks. A light coat of wax will protect against dirt and guard against mildew caused by excessive moisture.
If your garage door seems sluggish when opening or closing, you may need to adjust the door’s sensitivity. The steps for this procedure vary by door style and manufacturer, so check your operator’s manual for instructions. Setting the door properly helps the door move more easily and can significantly extend the life of your garage door.
Inspect the weather stripping seal at the bottom of your door. Replace a broken or cracked seal quickly to prevent unnecessary dust and dirt from getting into any crevices. Grit and grime can hinder the movement of your garage door, so keep the door and all its parts clean, well-oiled and functioning freely for the greatest efficiency.
An important purpose of any garage door is to keep unwanted dirt, bugs and other elements out of the garage. Check for cracks or developing gaps in the door regularly and use caulking to seal them as soon as possible. This is a key aspect of properly maintaining your automatic garage door.
As your garage door ages, it may need a new coat of paint if it’s a wooden door, or a rust protection coating if it’s metal. Such finishes not only protect the door but keep it looking good longer, too. That, in turn, will increase the curb appeal of your home and can even raise your property value.
These simple DIY maintenance tips can help you keep your automatic garage operating properly, extend the life of its parts, and ensure your garage door looks clean and well maintained for years to come. Since your garage door is a highly visible part of your home, it only makes sense to keep it looking as good and functioning as well as you do the other elements of your home, both inside and out.
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