How to choose entrance and interior doors


A human desire to protect his home from invading intruders is quite natural and understandable. Modern metal doors manufactured from various kinds of steel (iron alloys) serve for this purpose. This material has high strength: it is easily processed and also has excellent fireproof characteristics. The disadvantage of steel products (except stainless steel) is their increased susceptibility to corrosion. Modern technology has made it easy to eliminate this flaw by painting them with high-quality epoxy and powder coatings. When choosing a particular model of entrance door, it is necessary to pay attention to its aesthetic qualities. Remember that the entrance door is a kind of business card characterizing its owners.

Modern interior doors in addition to corresponding to their main functional purpose – apartment space separation, should also look aesthetic and decorate your house. Different materials are used for the interior doors manufacturing such as: wood, wood plates, metal, glass and plastic. Humanity began to use wood in their buildings long ago, and a shortage of this material led to the creation of wood boards produced from wood industry wastes. Oak, beech, mahogany and pine are used for wooden doors manufacturing. Pine is recognized as the cheapest and most technologically advanced material. Wooden doors differ in their design, they can be by paneled or framed, have a threshold or a transom. Depending on the technology, wood doors are made of solid wood or wooden arrays.

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Products made of natural wood are durable, strong and beautiful. They are made of wood arrays, which are bonded together under high pressure. A significant drawback of these doors is their considerable deformation when operating in high humidity and temperature conditions, so it impossible to use this products in certain rooms of your house such as the bathroom. The use of additives reduces water absorption and wood products tendency to deformation significantly, making them less depending from operating conditions.

The other type of wooden doors is made of solid wood, and filled with cardboard or chipboard. This wooden door option combines all the benefits of previous types – they are strong, durable, not subjected to deformation and have low cost. Doors made of plastic are the cheapest, but finished with laminate, they are very beautiful and more fire-resistant than wood. However, they are not so strong and durable. These parameters are slightly higher for products made of fiberglass plastic, which is also considered as a good sound insulator. Undeniably beautiful and so popular glass interior doors are made of tempered high-strength glass. They enlarge the space visually, and serve as the perfect complement to the room design. Recently, a combination of shiny metal (aluminum, chromium) and glass is used in interior doors manufacturing.

When choosing entrance and internal doors you must take into account the overall design of your apartments and materials used in decoration. Doors should emphasize the overall style of your house and make adjustments as additional elements of decoration.

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