How to Maintain Gardens in winter


According to Henry Beston: “A garden is the mirror of a mind. It is a place of life, a mystery of green moving to the pulse of the year, and pressing on and pausing the whole to its own inherent rhythms.”

During the frost this place of life becomes dull and void. It looks like nature has abandoned it. Your harvests are over and nothing interesting is there to enjoy. But it does not mean that your gardening is over, it means that now the time is for winter gardening. You have to prepare and maintain your garden for winters. The preparation and maintenance in winters depend on what type of garden you have and how much temperature falls in your area. But the basic things are same and I am going to tell you some basics tips and ideas for winter gardening. As the temperature drops most of the plants become dormant. What you have to do isMaintain Gardens in winter


Add the mulch in a small amount in your garden in winter. It will improve the soil condition: fertility, porosity, texture and moisture absorbing capacity of the soil.

Handle the snow:

Snow can either protect or endanger the plants. Snow puts pressure on the branches so start to scratch it from the bottom. It will avoid the pressure on already burdened branches. Don’t snatch the branches from the ice but let it melt.

Cleaning and cutting:

For the soil protection cleans your garden from diseased foliage of plants and shrubs. Also remove the old mulch, dead leaves and other debris of the garden. Add fresh and warm organic material in the soil.

What to do with perennials?

If you don’t want the perennials in the garden cut them when they are gone dormant. Otherwise mulch the perennials with chopped leaves. It will minimize the effects of severe temperature changes. If you have potted perennials take great care of them. They need the extra heat which the pots cannot provide them in winters. One thing you can do with them is to plant the pots in the ground during the whole frosty season. Or take them inside and cover them with burlap so that their temperature remains good enough.

How to get ready the tree roses?

Tree roses are very sensitive and they are more vulnerable to the cold. For their protection place the strands around the rooted zone of roses. After that cover the strands with burlaps. You can add dry leaves under the covering to protect your roses from harsh wind. Detach the climbing roses and lay them horizontally on the ground, covered with dry leaves and add mulch. The life of climbing roses will be saved in this way.

Reduce the weeding:

The best possible option to reduce the weeding is to plant the thick filler plants such as hostas. Spread the quality seeds because many crop seeds are contaminated with weed seeds. Search for some quality seed provider to save your garden from weeds.

Protect seedlings:

Plastic bottles are best and cheap cloches for the seedlings. Fill them with water and place your little seedling inside. It will be saved from temperature changes.

I hope adopting these methods will help you to maintain the garden in winter. Try it and relax your nerves. Walk in your garden. Make photos of winter garden, get their prints canvas cheap and hang on garden wall.

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