Significance of a spotlessly clean home


Home cleaning refers to managing the household work. Home cleaning is actually an art but some find it to be a daunting task. Everyone loves their house to be it is spotlessly clean and well organised. It is important to keep our home clean, which also help us to lead a healthy life.

It’s not a difficult task to keep your house clean, all it needs is proper planning. You require proper equipment and need to plan the time accordingly, follow the tips and work. Don’t try to do everything at a one time and overload yourself as this could strain you and you may fall sick. Distribute the work and plan properly so that everything works out smooth.

Organising home requires many things and each room has to be done differently. Based up on the room type, we arrange things; for example living room will have carpets on the floor, kitchen requires cabinets, kid’s bed room needs to be colorful. Most important thing is cleaning the toilets and kitchen, which is a very tiresome job and requires lot of effort. However, planning, organizing can make any job easy and help you complete it faster.

Here would discuss few tips about home cleaning to enable complete your work faster.

The first and the fore most things is to get things organized.

Your racks might be filled with ties, books, clothes etc. Firstly,sort your stuff and discard the unwanted stuff from the stuff that you need. You could also donate some of the stuff that you are not using. This will clear a lot of space in your wardrobes and give you enough space to organist your clothes. Remove the stained, toned, discolor clothes and unwanted books. Organize your books in bookshelves properly. Similarly, you could also organize your jewellery, photographs and other stuff.

clean windows

Clean carpets

Although carpets are expensive, many people still opt for them because they are colorful, comfortable and give your home a different look. Cleaning however is time consuming. You can clean the carpet by shampooing, hot water; can try bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, foam cleaning. Different substitutes are used in each method

Keep the kids bedroom clean

As kids are crazy about different cartoons, most of their bedrooms have stickers stuck all over the room. So first remove the stickers by using WD-40, rubbing alcohol or peanut butter. You need to allot space for books, toys, clothes, and other stuff they use. Teach them to organist their room and keep it clean. This will also reduce your work.

Cleaning Toilets.

Get proper equipment which makes it easier to clean bathrooms and toilets. Maintain squeegee in the bath, so that everybody can sponge it after use. It is easier to clean after a steam bath as steam will loosen the dust on the walls. Use of disinfectants everywhere except mirror is must and also one should not forget the doorknobs and switch plates.

Floor cleaning.

Every day we walk on it, kids move here and there, therefore it is very important to clean the floors every day. You can use kerosene to remove any stains. You can also use vinegar. Use lighter fluid which helps to remove dark stains, stains from sink and even the bath tubs.

Miscellaneous cleaning

We say it miscellaneous but most of the work is involved here. This includes many things like, like dusting, removing stains on carpet, cleaning the scuff marks, removing candle wax on floor, walls, removing some odious stains and many other things.

Kitchen sink

It is hard to accept but it is true that the kitchen sink has more bacteria then toilets. It is always important to clean it and to do this you can use vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide also remove stains but make sure you do not mix both together. Use one after the other.


First clean your bed as soon as you wake up. Check drawers, you see lots of clothes which may be unused. Pick them up and keep it separate bag to donate. Organize your books properly. Arranging cosmetics and keeping a check on unused and expired products is also must. Always discard unwanted stuff as it not only helps make the house look better but also gives space for new things.

We have different products available in the market to clean different house hold items and you should choose accordingly. Keeping the home spotless as clean house looks better, is easy to live in and it is also much safer. If one fails to do the house hold work, then you can see the trees growing in the wet areas, lime scale can build up on taps, toilets smell, which is quiet horrible to sustain, bacteria keeps growing around dustbins, etc. For sure one can’t be healthy in such unhygienic homes and hence cleaning becomes important. So always use the right products to make your work easier and simpler.

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