Creating a Dedicated Area for Your Love of Vinyl Records


There are many stunning items that are popular in the past but are now hard to find in shops. It’s because modern technology has deemed them obsolete and stores need to cope with the present times in order to pay their bills. Among these items are vinyl records, which were popular from the 1950s to the 1990s. They were mass-produced during those decades and provided great music to everyone, so it’s just natural that some people dedicated their time collecting them.

Although some people have abandoned their vinyl records for CDs and MP3s, there are still others who maintained their collection of these classic items. It’s not easy being a collector though because records are becoming ever rarer; it’s certainly hard to find them for sale whether online or in brick-and-mortar shops. And if they’re available, they could be selling at a price so much higher than they were originally sold. It’s cruel, but then it’s also just business.

If you’re one of these vinyl record collectors, you’ll definitely have thousands or at least hundreds of records piling in your house. Whether you’ve stored your collection in your old attic or had simply hid them in random dressers, there’s definitely a nostalgic charm whenever you play them on a phonograph, bringing back memories of those times when you were younger. If you wish to continue listening to these music in the years to come, wouldn’t it be appropriate if you convert them into one of the modern media we have today so that you can listen to them over and over again while preserving the actual records? The team at are UK experts in vinyl to CD or MP3 conversion, and they can help you enjoy your classic music collection whenever and wherever without exposing your records to further damage.

If you realised just now that you truly love your vinyl records considering that they’re rare finds these days, you might want to consider setting a room or a space in your home dedicated to your collection. It can be exciting especially when other members of your family, including your children, share your love for music on vinyl complete with the sudden, nostalgic cracking sound when played.

Check out these ideas to creating your dedicated space for your love of vinyl.

The Appropriate Area

Make sure you have ample space for your vinyl storage, phonograph with its stand, and walking areas. Many collectors can be reckless with their collection and just leave their records everywhere in the house. Don’t be one of them. If you’re married with your partner not sharing your love for vinyl, having those records lying around can cause tension to your relationship. Conflict is even unavoidable when your partner accidentally destroys one of your records. Don’t let that happen. Have a dedicated area for vinyl storage and music listening at once.

When choosing a music room or an open area for your vinyl collection, make sure it’s a cool, dry space. Check the surrounding walls to see if there aren’t any cold or hot water pipes located close to where you’re planning to store the records. These plumbing fixtures can cause dampness and could ruin your collection. If left unchecked, moulds can grow on your vinyl and it would be really hard to restore your collection to playable conditions.

Creating an Audio Entertainment Space

Enhance your vinyl music listening experience by installing modern audio equipment to amplify the sounds. You can set up your speakers around the room or area so that it feels like you’re surrounded with music when you play the records.

You might also want to add space for a computer, a laptop or at least an all-in-one CD player that reads memory cards or disks just in case you want to listen to the music in modern formats so that you won’t have to ruin your vinyl records with constant use. If you’re looking for the top Vinyl to CD or MP3 services in the UK then click here. Get access to specialists who completely understand how precious these old records are to you.

Storing Your Vinyl Records

Once you find the appropriate cool, dry place, set it up in a way that your vinyl records are stored like books on bookshelves. This is the appropriate way of storing those disks, especially when they still come with the album cover. Some people think that stacking them on top of the other is a way to do it, but it isn’t. Whether they’re with album covers or not, stacking vinyl records will cause them to warp, which means they melt out or bend out of shape. They might even break into pieces. In short, they will never be playable again.

Have a Space to Relax

Isn’t it nice to relax while the nostalgic music from your vinyl records soothes you? If space is not an issue, add a comfortable sofa in your dedicated music area where you and your family can sit on and while away the time with some good sounds. A loveseat is also a good idea if you’re only living with your partner or if you’re single who loves to entertain your date at home. For a more informal setting and especially when you have children, adding some beanbags on the floor can be a great option.

Is adding furniture not a good option due to insufficient space? Then perhaps furnishing the room with carpet flooring or an area rug can do the trick. You and your fellow music lovers can then sit on the floor as you all listen to great music.

Don’t Forget the Record Cleaning Area

Dedicate another space to clean your vinyl records and maybe a drawer or two to store cleaning materials. Cleaning the disks requires special products and thus, you need to make sure that you’re purchasing the appropriate ones.

Keep in mind that your shirt or ordinary fabric is not a good vinyl cleaner, as all they do is push the dirt further down the grooves and spread it around. You can opt for carbon fibre brush that lifts the dirt off the records. Note also that there’s a special formula product made specifically for vinyl cleaning.

If you want to minimise the risk of damaging your vinyl due to constant use, consider converting them into modern formats that you can play again and again on your computer and other music players. The people behind are specialists in vinyl to CD or MP3 conversions, and they are ready to help make your music listening experience a pleasurable activity without worrying about your vinyl records’ life.

Show your love for vinyl music by dedicating a space or room in your house for it. Let these ideas help you create the perfect area for your personal music listening experience.

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