Designing a Bathroom


A bathroom is a very complex blending of form and function. More than most rooms in your house, there are many hidden elements to your bathroom. In practically every room in your home, the wiring for electricity runs through the walls to power the different elements of your home. There is also plumbing to your kitchen as well as probably a gas line. Your bathroom very likely has all of those things and more. Your bathroom has to have plumbing running into it and out of it as well as multiple lines for water and for sewage. It also needs to be able to withstand the massive shifts in temperature and humidity that occur every time someone takes a shower.

Form of Your Bathroom

The function and form of your bathroom tend to actually blend in different ways. For example, bathrooms need to resist heat and humidity. Therefore, as many surfaces as possible need to be waterproof. These surfaces also need to be easy to clean. Glass and tile are the most common materials used in bathrooms. Plastic is also popular, but it can scratch or pit. Woking bathroom planners can help you decide on the best possible material.


The bathroom needs to have function as well. So when you are working with your bathroom planners, you need to be upfront about all the different elements you want included. As stated earlier, there are lots of hidden plumbing and wiring that needs to be installed. The different functions of your bathroom will determine how much needs to be installed and where everything needs to go.

For example, if you want a glass shower door as well as marble countertops, you will need to make sure there is enough space for the shower door to open. Those are the sort of details a bathroom planner is on the lookout for.

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