Few Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom in the Right Way


There are many things which you will have to plan and then when renovating your bathroom. The tiles are the most popular choice for remodeling the bathroom. It is important that from the starting you plan the layout from framing to the location of the fixtures to lighting locations. Without careful planning is likely that you will not get the desired results and a poor renovation that will not have satisfactory results. It is also important that you choose the best materials for your flooring such as a good quality tile adhesive, tiles etc. Here are a few tips that are going to help you in renovating your bathrooms.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Plan the Renovation of Your Bathroom

 This is your bathroom and it is you who will decide what types of tiles you will need, how many showers, shelves or cabinets you want. What type of lightening you want etc. Also, while planning the cabinets, etc. On the walls do not forget that your electricians and plumbers will also have to work on the same wall    to run down plumbing lines and wires. You can mark down the places where you want things like medicine cabinets, shelves etc, so that it gets easier for others to work on your bathroom.

Double Check the Size of Tiles

 One of the biggest mistakes which most of the people do is in selecting the tile layout. There are different sizes and many times people get confused.  People mistake twelve inches by twenty four inch tiles. Most of the tiles are sold in the European sizing and the size of these tiles is 30cm to 60 cm. You can do is to purchase tiles from a good flooring store and they are going to provide you with a sample. You can lay them and check wrapping and also soak them for the quality test.

Lay Your Tiles from the Ceiling

 Many of the shower niches cuts tiles, but it should not be in that way. You should lay out the tiles from the starting point so that the pieces mitered start exactly on a grout joint. Laying out the pattern of the tiles from the ceiling heights will make it easier to get the correct tiles.

Do Not Ignore Windows and Doors

These are the areas where tile layout is critical.  You will find that ay every door and window is a challenge. Also make sure that the bath’s waterproofing and shower waterproofing is designed in such a way keeping windows in mind. This way you will prevent the water from coming behind the tiles.

 Get the Drain Right

 This is the most important part and most of the people just put it somewhere in the middle without planning. There are many drains which are having no room for adjustments and to get them right, you will need to have an exact plan.

 These are the few tips that will help you in getting the right bathroom. You will need to consider lots of things otherwise you are not going to get a desired bathroom and also make sure to use a good quality tile adhesive.

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