How to Determine If the Sewer Line Is Clogged


The last thing you want is to have is wastewater backing up in your bathroom and creating a mess. Wastewater contains germs and bacteria that can make you and your family sick so you don’t want it spilling into your home. You can prevent a plumbing emergency by knowing the signs of a clogged sewer.

Unusual Noises

When the sewer line is clogged, the drainage becomes uneven and can create unusual noises. If you hear gurgling water when you flush the toilet or let water out of the tub, it can indicate that the sewer line needs to be cleared.

Air in Pipes

Air pockets can form when there are blockages in the sewer line and when the taps are opened you may hear spitting in the faucet before the water runs. Also, when you flush the toilet, you may notice the water bubbling if there is air in the pipes.

Slow Draining

If the water in sinks, the bathtub, or the toilet is slow to drain when it is flushed or the water is let out, then the sewer line is probably clogged. The water may overflow in the toilet when it’s flushed, which can create a mess in your bathroom.

Reasons for Clogs

Sewer lines can become clogged for many reasons. Using too much bathroom tissue, accidentally dropping something in the toilet, or, if the pipes are old, tree roots growing into them can clog them. Before a major plumbing emergency occurs, you should call plumbers in Kent to check the sewer and unclog it.

A plumber can check for clogs using CCTV or he or she may need to dig up the sewer line in your yard if he or she suspects that the old line is broken. Once he or she locates the clog, he or she can get rid of it to allow your drains to run free again.

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