Why Exposed Aggregate Is so Popular


Traditionally, concrete surfaces are smooth and uniform in consistency. In contrast, exposed aggregate is used as a decorative option in which the aggregates within the cement, namely the pebbles and small stones found within, are all exposed. When these are exposed on the surface, the resulting texture is interesting and aesthetically attractive. The seemingly random designs at once capture attention and allow for a diverse range of colours.

This type of cement is extremely popular among landscapers and in office buildings, as the attractive designs offer a more complex and sophisticated appearance. Clients appreciate something outside of the norm as it breaks up the monotony of most buildings and allows the eye something interesting at which to look. The difference may mean the difference between a client engaging in services or products offered by a company or moving on to another option.

Refreshed Appearance

Old cracked concrete can cause a negative outlook on your home or business. Exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne is just as cost-effective as traditional concrete without the old-fashioned appearance. Therefore, you not only save money but add a new and attractive look to an otherwise boring property. In addition to the fresh new style and affordable price, you get the strength and durability of traditional concrete. Exposed aggregate concrete is also great for vertical structures, such as decorative walls and building facades.


Exposed aggregate concrete can be placed anywhere you might place traditional concrete. The unique appearance will ensure that the same patterns and designs are never repeated, giving the eye something to follow without becoming predictable. This concrete can also be placed in almost any colour allowing you to design cost-effective, beautiful works of art on and around your property. The difference will be easily seen in the impressed looks of clients and guests as they walk through your building and appreciate your new additions.

Property Value

Every addition you make toward a property that increases its aesthetic appearance or functionality will also add to its overall property value. Whether you wish to sell or simply improve your quality of life, the right changes can add thousands to your value and help you get the most out of your investment. As if to make the deal even better, the addition of beautiful new artwork and concrete designs will increase the chances of a great offer on your home.

Studies found that potential buyers are more likely to spend more on a home with greater attractiveness and aesthetic appeal. The less a buyer will have to do to a property after he or she buys it, the more likely he or she is to make a great offer. The investment you make into the beautification of your home will likely be returned.

Impress Neighbours

Exposed aggregate concrete gained popularity due to its colour opportunities and unique appearance. The beauty of this cost-effective solution will increase the aesthetic appearance of any building and impress anyone who sees it. The surface of this concrete is rugged, reducing the chance of slipping, and it is also resistant to climate conditions. With these benefits naturally included in the concrete, your home will grab the attention of those around you and make the investment worth every cent.

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