Eco Friendly Kitchen Design


Nowadays “green” became more than a colour; it is a way of thinking. The eco – friendly philosophy found its way to the interior design. The green decor is created not only to bring functionality and efficiency, but also to be appealing and modern.

It is no secret that incorporating such design will require considerable investment. However, in long term it will save you money by cutting your utility bills and providing lasting furniture. That is why this design is extremely appropriate for the kitchen. This room is one of the biggest energy “suckers” in the house. Eco – friendly pieces have the reputation of hard to find and expensive. There is a wide variety of “green” products on the market that will fit the specific style of your kitchen. The good news is that you don’t need to remodel the whole place. With a few simple repairs you can transform this room in no time.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design


If you are designing your room from scratch, pick a part in the house that has high light exposure. In this way you will save from lighting and heating. Instead using additional amount of energy, let the sun do the job for you. With the oven working and the warm sunlight, you can decrease the thermostat during the winter. You can achieve these results by enlarging your window area. A regular window cleaning is a must to preserve their efficiency.

Wall Paint

A fresh layer of paint will give personality to every space. The problem is that most of the commonly sold products contain volatile organic compound (VOCs). These hazardous ingredients are causing indoor air pollution. VOCs are emitted even after applied. Purchase organic paints or one that has low VOCs. They are just as good as the conventional ones. Keep in mind that cleaning products, wood, building materials and wood preservatives also contain these hazardous VOCs.


Electric appliances make huge difference, especially when it comes to the kitchen. The refrigerator is one of the major energy consumers in your home. Spend a little bit on energy – efficient one. Don’t pick a refrigerator that is too big for your needs. To distinguish the energy – saving appliances look for labels like energy star. Ensure the proper work of your appliances by cleaning them often. If you can spend that much money, you can start with small steps. Install LED lights and reduce the water consumption with appropriate water saving faucet.


Reusing and recycling are major principles of the “green” lifestyle. If you are repairing your old kitchen, don’t throw the old furniture immediately. Maybe it only needs a little retouching or cleaning and it will look like brand new. Unless it’s completely damaged, it can still serve some purpose. Repaint the old cabinetry or apply a stainless steel to an appliance. When you shop for accessories, you should purchase items that are made from recycled materials.


Explore the flea market for cheap and effective solutions. If you are aiming towards a vintage design shop for reused items that for a perfect addition to your design. You can put your creativity into work and make useful things by combining parts of old or broken objects.

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