Tips to deep clean your rugs


You can keep rugs looking clean and spotless by following some easy basic care tips. The type of treatment depends on the material of the rug. Our guide will take you through deep cleaning and stain removal of rugs.

• Vacuum the rugs

It is important to vacuum the rugs regularly, just the way you vacuum the carpets in your house. If the rug is reversible, make sure you vacuum both sides. Vacuuming regularly will eliminate dirt and grime from the floor rug. Be careful not to damage the fringe of the rug while cleaning. You can get your rugs professionally cleaned along with your carpets by a carpet cleaner once every few months.

• Get rid of pet hair

Most often even after thorough vacuuming, pet hair stays on the rug. Use a brush to pull out any fur or hair. You can do this during your routine house cleaning.

• Turn them around

Every few months turn the rug in a different direction, this way you can even out the wear. Foot traffic usually puts stress on particular areas of the rug and turning them around often is the best option to keep them looking even.

• Shake them clean

Small rugs can be cleaned easily by taking them outside the house and giving a vigorous shake to dust off any dirt and grit. Do this once a week during your routine home cleaning and you will notice that the rugs look a lot cleaner and are dust free.

• Check the label for instructions

Before cleaning check for any label indicating method of cleaning recommended by the manufacturer. If the rug is washable, then place them in a laundry bag and wash them in a gentle cycle. It is recommended that when you buy rugs, you ask the seller for any specific cleaning instruction.

• Oriental and antique rugs

Oriental rugs can be cleaned just as you would clean a carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner to gently clear of any debris and dirt from the rug. Take special care with vintage and antique rugs. Use a nylon screen over the rug before you vacuum any antique rug. You can also get the vintage rugs cleaned by professional cleaners every six months.

• Coir and grass rugs

Rugs that are made from natural fibre easily collect dirt. Make sure that you protect the floor below the rug with a cloth or towel before you start cleaning. Wipe of the stains with a brush, diluted detergent and water. Use a towel to drain of any excess water and use a hair dryer or fan to dry the area. Water can weaken the rugs so make sure that you dry them thoroughly.

• Sheepskin and fur rugs

Cleaning fur and sheepskin rugs are quite easy. Simply powder the rug with unscented talcum powder and leave it on for a few hours or overnight. Now brush off the talcum powder or shake it off. You can repeat this process for better results.

• Deep cleaning

The labels on the rug will indicate whether you can dry clean, spot clean or only get them laundered. It is always recommended that you test a small spot before you clean the entire rug. Machine-wash it under delicate cycle if the rug is washable. Avoid drying it directly under the sun to avoid any fading of the colour.

• Remove stains

To eliminate stains from the rug, use a solution of diluted detergent, vinegar and water. Apply this solution to the stain and blot it dry. For tough stains, use a commercial spot cleaner.

• Cleaning company

You can always call your local cleaning agency Chiswick to help you with rug cleaning once every three to six months. This way you can be assured that your expensive rugs stay clean and look as good as new.

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