Green Roofing Systems and Their Growing Trend


Green roofs have gained huge popularity in the recent times. The main reason for this growing popularity can be people becoming more conscious about the environment. It has now transformed into a trend that is very visible among North American countries. Europe is one of the first few countries of the world that have advocated for green roofing systems. The main reason for them being so prevalent in North America and European countries is their ability for conserving energy, controlling storm water runoffs, improving the quality of the air, promoting psychological impact over different communities, and beatifying cities.

Green Roofing Systems

University Promotion

Researchers belong to the University of Cincinnati has recently proposed new and improved ways for recognizing green roofing systems for their benefits and characteristics. Virginia Russell, one of the most prominent figures of the College of Design, UC of Planning art Architecture has already proposed her plan for green roofs on October 24th at Annual Conference held in San Francisco, which is also the 11th annual Cities Alive Conference.

Green Roofing Systems Installed over Commercial Buildings

Now, many people consider green roofing simply as landscapes over structure. This methodology and also the vocabulary that is being used for this system has been imported from countries of Europe and that too specially from Germany, where green roofs have been implemented over structures for the last 20 years or so.


Green roofs can be broadly classified in to two distinctive groups. The roofs are classified on the basis of maintenance and are namely extensive and intensive. The Intensive category includes roofs covered with heavy, deep and lush sorts of plants. They are actually designed for a complete 100 percent of accessibility.

They are featured with additional utilities that make them fall into the intensive maintenance category. The plantings are far complex and these features are included for humans to accommodate them. Extensive roofs on the other hand are shallower than their intensive counterpart. They are also designed for frequent human usages and thus, the accessibility becomes less as well as the need for maintenance.

According to Russell, both the terms that are extensive and intensive when translated into the English language almost mean the same thing. They even create quite a bit of confusion. According to her both the terms were quite difficult for her to the students of her university understand differentiate with. So, she advocated a new way of distinguishing green roofs that is distinguishing them by their sustainability rather than focusing on their maintenance.

Empire State Building

Even the empire state building has recently gone through green roofing systems. A reputed roofing manufacture of America has installed green roof systems over this heritage building, which was once one of the tallest buildings of the World. According to reliable sources a total of four green roofs have been installed and they measure between 3400 square feet to about 1000 square feet. These roofs have been installed at the 21st floor, 25th and the 30th floor of the building. The roofing system that has been installed at the 21st floor features exquisite rooftop patios and outdoor furniture pieces have been added for the recreation of the office tenants.


If you really seek a better environment and would also like to beautify your home, then you should definitely install these green roofs over your roofs. You can always get more information about green roofing and other metal roofing systems from construction websites.

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