Severe Weather Warnings and Carpet Damage: What Can You Do?


Tamworth was one of many towns and cities across the UK to suffer from the severe weather that battered the country in October. Tamworth was put on amber alert for the storm, which brought with it the risk of flash flooding. This storm was unusual – the region doesn’t normally see such wind and rain – but the problems associated with heavy weather are unfortunately all too common. Even if the winds are not hurricane-force and the rain not torrential, weather damage is all too often inflicted on residents of the area. One of the most costly aspects to fix following weather damage is the carpet. A waterlogged carpet is difficult to restore to its previous glory. What can you do to repair your carpet following water or flood damage?

Assess the damage

Consider whether the water that has entered the house is sanitary or unsanitary. Sanitary water is usually rainwater or water from burst pipes that carry only water. This is one of the better scenarios as it is easier to fix. If the water is unsanitary – it contains sewage or waste –then you will need to act fast to prevent disease from spreading. If this is the case, call a professional immediately, who will advise you on how to dry and disinfect the carpet.

Stop the water

If you can, stop the water from flowing into the house by mending the broken pipe or by reinforcing the house with flood defence measures. Keep everyone out of the water-damaged room because too many footprints will mark and damage the carpet even further. You can go in and remove the furniture that is standing on the wet carpet or raise it on blocks. It is important to move furniture from the flooded room, because it can mark the carpet or cause heavy dents if it is left standing on the floor for too long.

Call in the experts

It is recommended that you don’t try to deal with flood damage on your own, particularly if there is a risk of waste contaminating the house. If your carpet is expensive you can still save it, but you will probably need the help of a professional. While you are waiting for the repair company to come, try to dry the room as much as possible by putting fans or a dehumidifier into the room and opening all the windows if the weather permits. Keep the fans going at all times to prevent rot from setting into the carpet.

Prevent further damage

Finally, prevention is better than cure. Keep watching the local news reports if there is a storm predicted and take precautionary measures, particularly if you live in a flood-prone area. You can take steps to minimise the amount of water that enters your house, thus safeguarding your carpets from serious damage. Watch the website of the Environment Agency, which posts updates for flood warnings, so you have some time to prepare. However, if the worst happens and you do get flooded, call the professionals to assess the damage. If you are looking for carpet repairs, Tamworth offers a range of specialists – check online to find a repair company in your area.

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