How Can a Wi-Fi Thermostat Save Money?


With the develop of apps that can be used with smartphone and tablets there are several we can choose that help us to organize and make our lives simpler. These apps have opened the door wide open for home automation. We can purchase whole home systems down to apps that turn off a simple light while we are away. One of the biggest advancements that has recently been developed for home automation is the Wi-Fi thermostat. To help you understand what this new technology is when it comes to thermostat we will look at what they are and how they can benefit you by cutting energy cost and saving you money.

A wireless thermostat otherwise known as a Wi-Fi thermostat is a part of a home automation system that is digitally controlled through your internet connection. This digitally controlled thermostat will help to monitor the temperature in your home. The is called a Wi-Fi thermostat because it can be controlled from a remote location. Smart thermostats can also be integrated into home security systems. Digital thermostats should be accompanied with a manual that will help you to get your system on line.

One of the biggest ways that a wireless thermostat will save you money is by accurately monitoring your system. Digital thermostats are more accurate than the older mercury liquid thermostats of the past. The average cost of savings each year that a wireless thermostat will save you is around $300-$400 hundred dollars a year. Home electricity usage can cost hundreds of dollars each month. The thermostats are very efficient and allow you to use less energy.

The best way a wireless thermostat will help you to cut energy cost is that it can be monitored while you are away. If you happen to leave your house and forget to turn your boiler or A/C unit off, you can control the Boiler or A/C unit from your smartphone or tablet. Most of the wireless thermostats will have the capability to set the thermostat to a setback setting while you are away. This setback setting is another temperature setting that you would prefer your unit to run at while you are away. If you are going away for a few days before you return home, you can turn the unit back on from the app so your home will be comfortable for you before you return.

Some of the better wireless thermostat apps have maintenance monitoring schedules that will remind you when you need to change the filters. This app will also monitor the unit and alert you when you’re HVAC or boiler unit is not running at peak performance. With these alerts you can discover any problems that may arise with your units before a lot of damage to your unit may occur. Wireless thermostat is a great addition to any system. You can begin your home automation conversion by visiting

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