Shopping for a Plumber? ExpressRooter Warns You Of Five Red Flags to Watch Out For


Not all plumbers and plumbing companies are made the same. Some plumbing companies could be your home’s savior each time there is a plumbing emergency, while some can seep all the energy and money out of you. Below are red flags which, according to ExpressRooter, you should definitely watch out for.

The company cannot provide an upfront quotation for their services. It’s safe to say that the cost of plumbing services is never really set in stone. While fixing one problems, another one good arise. This is why it is important for consumers to at least be protected with upfront ExpressRooter plumbing cost estimates. The quotations are, of course, just estimates and they cannot be binding unless the plumbing company included this guarantee. Even without the guarantee, though, the actual cost should not be too far from the estimated cost. There should also be a detailing of all the services and materials used.

You are being pressured into an upsell. One red flag to watch out for, according to ExpressRooter, is high pressure sales talk. When you are being pressured into purchasing a service you don’t really need, or there is a bit of hard sell going on with a promo they are offering, be wary. An experienced client would detect the scent of desperation in any of these high pressure sales tactics. A good plumber will speak to its clients with good service. They can inform their clients that they are offering promos but they are also careful not to put too much pressure during advertising. If they are using sales talk that borders on incredible claims, it’s time to rethink the plumbing company’s integrity.


They cannot or refuse to provide references. An indication that you are hiring a good plumbing company like ExpressRooter is the fact that they are more than happy to provide references. Whenever you are calling a plumbing company for the first time, always ask for references and follow through. Call these references and ask for the real plumbing experience. You can also look for clients online who have posted their experience with the plumbing company in question. Aside from the expertise of the plumber, ask about how long the work took, the costing, and how good the company was in terms of delivering their promises.

The company uses freelance plumbers. As much as possible, you must look for plumbing companies with salaried, regular workers. Make sure these regular plumbers are the ones that are doing the work in your home. Regular employees are easier to track, especially when you are trying to make claims for liability. You might also want to check on the insurance included in the contract.

The company offers a price much lower than the others. ExpressRooter is all for plumbing services that maximize the service and minimize the cost. However, there are companies that offer prices too incredibly low to be true. You might end up paying for a whole lot more when the actual bill arrives. Worse, you could be paying a small bill at the end of the plumbing service only to find out that the reason the service was cheap was because low grade products were used for the repair. Beware of companies that are willing to sacrifice quality for the cost.

ExpressRooter makes use of the latest tools and technology to diagnose plumbing and drain problems. Our goal is to fix issues without disrupting your home of business as much as possible.

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