How to keep your family safe at home


Family Safety: Home Security Options to Keep Your Family Safe

Mums and dads across the globe work hard every day to keep their family safe. From preparing healthy foods to driving the speed limit, every decision we make as parents counts towards some sort of safety measure. One aspect of the home that is often forgotten is home security. Of course we all lock our doors and secure our windows but most home owners forget to take their home security an extra step. There are many simple precautions that can be taken to keep your home safe and sound while your little ones sleep. Below are a few easy home security options that will help keep your family safe.

family safe at home

Deadbolts/Extra Locks

One option that is easy to add to your home is extra locks. Every exterior door of your home can benefit from additional locking mechanisms. These locks will not only keep your home secure but they can also give you an extra way to keep your children inside the home once they learn how to open doors. These locks are located at the very top of your door and give you an additional way to secure the home. Deadbolts can be installed as well as chain or a sliding bolt lock, whichever meets your preferences.

Securing Exterior Patio Doors

Patio and other glass style exterior doors also need added security. Many burglaries take place when the robber enters the home via sliding patio doors or French doors. These doors are usually at the back of the home and are usually forgotten. A simple lock is usually all these doors have to keep outsiders from getting in. It is best to apply some type of lock to these doors or use a metal pole to keep the door from sliding open if an intruder tries to open it.

Motion Sensors

Another great option is motion sensors. These sensors can be placed outside the home near your entry ways. These motion sensor systems detect movement and will trigger a light to turn on once movement is detected. These sensors are great for home owners as they give light when you arrive home at night so you can survey your property and be able to see to unlock your doors. However, it is also great for when you are home to see when people arrive or an unwanted guest is approaching. These sensors also deter potential burglaries as the criminal will flee once the lights turn on.

Guard’ Dog

You may also want to consider a ‘guard’ dog. If you have small children you most likely do not want a dog that is large and could be potentially dangerous. However, you could purchase a nice family friendly dog that can be trained or will bark towards strangers. This way, when someone approaches your home, whether you are away or at home, the dog will bark. Most criminals want to remain undetected and a constantly barking dog is a great way to deter a potential criminal from trying to enter your home.

Security Alarm

Lastly one of the most popular forms of security is alarm systems. There are many options for you to choose from, including basic alerts to police alerting systems. The type of alarm you choose should be based on what you can afford as well as what you need in your area. For this option, it is best to determine your security needs and then find a system that will work for your home.

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