What about Natural Flooring Options


You’re probably familiar with the standard flooring options. There are carpet options that tend to involve carpets made from nylon or polyester. You can choose vinyl, hardwood, or some kind of synthetic. These are all great choices if you buy them from a quality retailer. However, they all have something in common; they are all heavily processed. They are a long way from the raw materials that created them. So, what did people do before polyester and is it still an option?

Natural Flooring Options

There are a few natural flooring options if you choose great flooring services in DT8.

  • Coir is a great flooring option and a traditional material everywhere coconuts grow. Coir is the fibres on the exterior of a coconut shell; they can be woven together to make ropes, clothing, or durable flooring.
  • Sisal is another option; it is made from the leaves and stems of an agave plant. They grow many places but they are most popularly known as Mexican plants.
  • Seagrass is an underwater plant that’s not actually a grass but the leaves are very thin and tall like grass. It is dried and woven together to make ropes and carpets.

Why Natural?

There are several reasons why you might choose a natural flooring option. You might choose one because they look great. They offer a unique look to your home. Also, they are very durable. Finally, natural flooring is often the most ecologically-friendly choice for your home. Fewer fossil fuels are consumed in their production and they are made almost entirely of renewable resources.

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