Tips for Choosing a Boiling Water Tap


Boiling water taps are becoming increasingly common. They are now found in many offices throughout the country, especially in the kitchens. Whenever employees want to make coffee, or any other hot beverage, they can simply pour the boiling water directly through the taps. In fact, many magazines have now called it the ideal “must have” appliance. The reason why boiling water taps are becoming more and more popular in commercial environments is because they help save a great deal of time.

With a boiling water tap here’s no need for the employees to stand around the kitchen and wait for the water to boil before they can make a cup of coffee or tea for themselves. It doesn’t take long for several people to gather around the kettle and waste time. This disrupts work in the office and also affects profitability. It might seem minimal at first, but when you compound the costs and the burden on your company’s resources, you will realise that it’s a significant amount of lost productivity.

While the costs of buying a boiling water tap are slightly higher, it doesn’t take long for office owners to realise that investing in this appliance is actually beneficial in the long run. In fact, many office owners don’t just buy the boiling water tap, they also purchase the instant cold water tap so that there’s no need to put up a water cooler either. Here are a few things that you should know before choosing a boiling water tap.


Cheaper boiling water taps are only able to provide small amounts of boiling water when turned on. However, more powerful and expensive variants can provide you with an uninterrupted flow of boiling water. The first thing that you should check is just how much water the boiling water tap can provide without any interruptions. There are plenty of different manufacturers in the market today that offer a variety of boiling water taps. Some are designed to be more powerful than others, and can reach higher temperatures.


Installing a boiling water tap is not as simple as installing a conventional tap. You will need to hire a professional plumber who has experience working with boiling water taps to make the right connections. Most of the companies that supply boiling water taps will not provide free installation, however there are a few that offer free visits. Before buying any kind of plumbing product, take a look at the information sheet that comes with it so you have a clearer idea about the product dimensions and the maintenance as well. These are some basic tips to help you choose the appropriate boiling water tap for your needs.

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