Ordering Coal Fuel – A Brief Guide


Coal is a flammable rock that has a dark appearance. It’s usually discernible from other rocks due to its appearance. Coal consists of around 80% carbon along with oxygen, hydrogen, sulphur and nitrogen. For many centuries, coal has been used as a source of fuel. It’s a fossil fuel that’s found in nature and was one of the main drivers of the Industrial Revolution. Even today, many businesses rely on coal as their primary source of fuel to make their machines work. If you are looking for a reliable coal merchant, the following tips will help you out.

Look for Approval Ratings

You should always order coal fuel from approved merchants. Reputable Derbyshire coal fuel distributors have approvals from local councils which ensure that the coal they provide is of the highest standards. There are several different types of coals in use today. The cheapest variant of coal burns for a shorter amount of time and also releases a lot of smoke. The most expensive variant burns longer and doesn’t release a lot of harmful smoke. When comparing different coal merchants in the region, the first thing that you should check is their approval ratings.


Coal is weighed in KGs and sold to customers. Many local merchants offer bulk discounts if you order in large quantities. You can compare the prices from different coal merchants before placing an order. The cost savings will be substantially greater if you are ordering in bulk, since most local distributors provide bulk discounts to their customers.


Many coal merchants also offer free delivery if the order is above a specified amount. You can request an estimate through the merchant’s website in order to get an idea about the pricing and cost of shipping as well as any additional charges that you may have to pay.

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