Tips for the Homeowner on Buying the Right Gas Fire


If you and your partner have decided that a gas fire is needed at home, you certainly wouldn’t be alone in your choice, and with so many design, makes and models out there, it can be a daunting challenge to sift through them all and end up with something ideal. Gas is a popular choice because it gives you that real flame heat without the mess of stocking up with fuel, and with easy maintenance and a straightforward installation, a gas fire makes for the ideal domestic heating solution. If you are already convinced and are looking for possible suppliers, here are a few tips to ensure the right selection.

  • Do you Have a Chimney? – This is important, as there are flueless gas fires that do not need ventilation, and if you already have a chimney in place, then you can look at the more traditional types, which have to be inset into the wall, which is something that a flueless gas fire does not require.
  • Coal and Log Effects – There are a range of attractive faux effects on offer, with glowing logs, stones, or even loose pebbles, and this fire bed provides the natural warmth and glow that makes for a cosy ambience. Any reputable online supplier would offer an extensive range of fire bed features, and this allows the homeowner to create a unique feel to the room. If you are looking for the best price gas fires in Yorkshire, there is an established online supplier who has the expertise to install the fire and also build a bespoke fireplace surround.
  • Safety Issues – Gas produces carbon monoxide as a by-product, and you should always ensure that any gas appliances are installed by qualified personnel, and with regular servicing, you and your family will be sure of a clean living environment. Unless you happen to be a qualified gas fitter, it isn’t worth the risk of attempting a self-installation, and by using a reputable company, you and your family will have peace of mind regarding safety issues.
  • Portable Gas Fires – These are primarily for homes where there is no natural gas supply, and they are very efficient at heating up an area quickly, and with roller wheels, are very easy to move around. LPG gas bottles come in a range of sizes, and many people who live in remote areas prefer to use LPG heaters, as they are reliable and require no cleaning or maintenance.
  • Fuel Choices – There are gas, electric, and wood burning fires, and it really is down to personal preference. Gas is clean and gives you instant heat control, while burning wood provides a more natural flame, and electricity also works well, especially with the latest generation of energy efficient appliances on the market today.

Whatever your style or fuel preference, sourcing the right supplier will ensure that you not only select the right product, but it is also installed correctly.

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