Stainless Steel Wires Enhance Contemporary Decors


One of the products today that has proven to be as practical as it is aesthetic are wire fittings made of stainless steel. The fittings are represented by the following products:

  • Wire balustrades
  • Wire ropes
  • Posts
  • Handrails
  • General hardware

Wire Balustrades

One of the most unique uses for stainless steel wire fittings are wire balustrades. This type of decorating option creates a balustrade that is contemporary and easy to maintain. A number of wire balustrade systems are featured for straight and stair sections for use in metal and/or timber post designs.

Purchase or Hire the Swaging Tools

You can obtain these fittings whether you want to install them since you are a tradesperson or do-it-yourselfer. You also can have the company where you make the purchase assist with swaging. Otherwise, you can also do the swaging yourself. Swaging tools may be rented or bought. An instant quoting system, provided online, can give you an exact estimate of what you can expect to spend.

Therefore, if you want to add a wire balustrade to your home, you can do so easily by going online. By using an online quoting system, you can obtain a quote for all the fittings, fixtures, and wires you will need, per your building specifications. This will make it much easier to bill a client or know what you can spend if you plan to take on this type of project yourself.

How to Use an Online Quote Calculator

When using this type of quote calculator, you first will need to choose a straight or staircase balustrade. Next, you need to select the type of system you want to install. The third step entails entering the lengths and heights for your project. Finish the process by adding all the recommended fittings and materials to your shopping cart.

Therefore, you generally can receive one of two quotes: either a straight balustrade quote or a stair or angled balustrade estimate. By taking advantage of this online system, you can receive timely, precise, and relevant costs and product details. The online calculator not only calculates all the parts, it also supports your requirement by providing links to balustrade regulations. You also receive step-by-step instructions through the use of videos.

All the information is provided so you can build your balustrade with the required tools. Therefore, you can receive accurate prices, whether you are quoting clients or are making budget comparisons. In fact, you can receive quotes for as many as 13 balustrade systems. If your order total is over $200, typically you can receive a free delivery.

Needless to say, computing these kinds of costs online can go a long way in reaching your balustrade building goals. Check out balustrade fittings and systems online today.

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