The Current Market Trends Represent a Fantastic Opportunity for Homeowners in the UK


Based on recent projections by the Building Society and other reputable forecasters, homeowners can expect to see their property values increase by at least €3,000 during 2018 but it’s important to note that homeownership in the UK is still at a 30-year low, which means that there is even more room to grow as the sector continues to recover.

As such, you should focus on home improvement projects that have been proven to uphold their value for many years, particularly if you’d like to maximise your return on investment during the upcoming property market recovery period.

What Are the Best Pound-for-Pound Projects?

If you partner with an expert building company in Saltash, you’ll be able to boost your home’s resale value by thousands of pounds with the following initiatives:

  • Refitting your kitchen and upgrading the built-in cabinets, worktops, and other integral features
  • Constructing an extension or conservatory to increase square footage
  • Enhancing your interior and exterior with customised architectural components to bolster visual appeal
  • Installing new-age windows and doors such as long-lasting aluminium or uPVC variants
  • Implementing low-maintenance roofing materials such as augmented tiling

As alluded to above, these projects are recognised as the most valuable options in today’s construction landscape and they can substantially boost any property’s appraisal price.

What Can I Expect From My Local Building Company?

Simply by visiting the webpage of an esteemed construction firm, you’ll be able to fill out a brief contact form and connect with a friendly in-house specialist to begin evaluating your options.

You’ll have a chance to determine the most budget-friendly projects and isolate the most suitable endeavour based on your unique needs and desires. Be sure to book a site assessment sooner rather than later.

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