Three Popular Types of Shutter Styles


Shutters are the trim for windows on the exterior of your home. All of the guests and strangers who pass by or through your home are able to see what accent type you’ve chosen. There are many options when it comes to framing the exterior side of your windows, with more than 20 possible styles.

However, when you choose an expert shutters supplier in Reading, you will receive a few suggestions of the most popular styles:

  • Louvred
  • Raised Panel
  • Board and Batten


The first lovely style of shutters is constructed using slats of wood arranged in an overlapping fashion. This style works nicely with many types of architecture and looks great in any paint colour. It even has a practical flair, because the overlap allows the runoff of rain to happen.

Raised Panel

A decorative raised-panel design remains a classic choice for homes of many types. This style offers a fun combination of classy design with a homestyle, country feel. Because this style is perfect for framing the windows of your home, you may consider adding some flower boxes for flair.

Board and Batten

If you’re aiming for a classic, rustic look, then board and batten style shutters are a perfect choice. This style uses individual boards joined together with perpendicular crosspieces. The edges are customisable in many ways, and the homeowner can decide if they would like flat-topped, curved, or angular shutters.

Although the options are vast, these three styles represent the basis for all other types of shutters. Each style adds a unique dimension to the home, so it is important to evaluate what type of image you are trying to present.

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