An expense becomes a critical issue in shifting. You could not afford to make move because of the financial crisis. You cannot go for a full-service because though it makes everything easier for you but their prices are what you cannot afford. They take in all the responsibilities and pardon you of all pressure but since you cannot go up to them, you can still make the move by looking for a self-service. You see some way or the other you are to face a problem. However, that is fine as long you could make the shift. You get to take control of the lot.

What is a Self-service mover?

The name itself explains its function. In this type of mover option, you have to help yourself. In here, you will provide with a truck and a driver to drive you to the destination. While you have to do the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. You would do all the things.

This is a great option who doesn’t find any trouble in packing and loading things. If that so then you are to save a lot of money with this option. While all the other cost such as packing, are born by you.

Two ways

There two ways in which you can take advantage of the advantages. The one you like according to the options and what is provided, you can select that.

  • A truck will be provided to you depending on the size of the shipment that needs to be moved. You fix a date and the truck will be there at the time specified. They are not going to wait so before they arrive the packing should be done by then. You load up the truck and the driver sets in for the moves. You are to reach the destination before the truck so that the truck could be unloaded without delay. In this, you have to maintain the time constraints.
  • A storage container would be provided to you at your premises and the driver leaves. You are to load the shipments taking you time, as discussed with the company. The driver arrives, picks the truck, and reaches the destination. You then got days- as contracted with the company, to unload it before the driver comes it to receive the container.


Even though the full service like umzugsfirma zurich is an efficient way to make a move but the self-service is the best solution if you have very fewer shipments. You can handle it yourself. Moreover, if you have a friend to help you out then the task becomes move easier. You just have to pay for the truck and that’s it. This service is very popular in terms of money concern.

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