What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Draftsman


Drafting, an act in making a draft, a word that is a very common term when in comes to building and renovating various types of a property. There are two people that can do draft, it can either be an architect or the draftsman. If you’re concerned about the house designs, the structural integrity and even the paperworks you don’t really need an architect for that small project. What you need is a highly reliable draftsman.

A draftsman’s profession is a league in its own, its one of those professions that people think they aren’t that good unless there’s an architect around, much like nurses where most people have a stigma that they only follow a doctor’s order but its not really the case and so does with a draftsman. Its a profession or a practice rather that has been dated as far as 4000 B.C., it was even noted that Leonardo Da Vinci even did drafting in his time, cool eh?

If you need an artistic eye: In building a house or doing some renovations, it isn’t just about function without considering the looks. Its always 50 percent function and 50 percent looks. The function doesn’t increase a house’s value but looks do. There is a reason why there are draftsman, its because they have that artistic eye that makes any functional house looks good and its way better than you’re sketch.

Cad separates the draftsman’s from the cavemen: The CAD software is the technology that enables draftsman to make digital renditions of their drafts. But knowing how to make renditions in CAD does requires great skill and you need more than just the skill to properly measure things, you also need to know about good lighting, colors and great attention to details. Being good at CAD doesn’t happen overnight, so if you have a draftsman that makes astonishing CAD renditions, that person is good.

They draft everything: People think that a draftsman can only draft the house and the measurements. They can draft, even more than what they are expected to draft. They draft everything, this is the reason why they know their design by heart even if their eyes are closed and why they visit the site and check if their design is followed religiously. Below are the things that they draft:

  • Aeronautical
  • Architectural
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Pipeline

Drafting is not just a profession but a life skill. It’s a great profession that only a few can appreciate and if these people do appreciate it, most likely these people are inspired to be one. There are many things that draftsman do and that is all to satisfy their build like inspecting the site, making sure that the structure has a good structural integrity and even do the paperworks for the building. It’s all about satisfying the design. They work to make sure that everything goes well and you’re satisfied with the work. If you are looking for a good draftsman, you can visit www.renovateplans.com.au for more details and know more what they can add value to your project.

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