Uses for a hand held vacuum


A hand held vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution to cleaning difficult to reach areas of your home, eg corners, behind furniture. The cordless version of these cleaners is extremely flexible and able to handle countless cleaning tasks. You will find these appliances so useful you will question how you coped with these activities previously.hand held vacuum

Below are outlined a few of the benefits that a hand held vacuum cleaner can offer you.

Cleaning up after the children

Children, being children, will obviously cause a mess. There will be, for example, crumbs, crisps, glitter all over the floor and a hand held vacuum cleaner will easily remove all these bits and pieces without the need to use a full size vacuum cleaner.

Localised Spillages

If there are localised soiled areas, a hand held vacuum cleaner is ideal for removing the spillage. If you live near a beach and sand has been trodden into the carpet, or there are fallen pine needles from a real Christmas tree, the answer is a hand held vacuum cleaner and your carpets will be clean again in no time.

Hard to reach areas

With a traditional vacuum cleaner with tool attachments, cleaning hard to reach and odd shaped areas can hamper your movements. A hand held vacuum cleaner provides flexibility and freedom of movement, enabling shelves, cupboards and between pieces of furniture to be easily accomplished.


Cars are notoriously tricky to vacuum with a full size vacuum cleaner as the hose is unwieldy to use in a confined space. Hand held vacuum cleaners provide the freedom you need to clean your car easily. These appliances are cordless so there are no issues with cord length or power sockets and there is less effort because they are so light and flexible.

Caravans and camping equipment

If you enjoy camping or have a caravan, vacuuming the equipment used to be difficult. It is obviously not an option to take a traditional vacuum cleaner on your holiday break but camping and caravanning will inevitably be a messy time. Sand and/or dirt will be trodden into the caravan or tent with so much time being spent outside, and crumbs etc will be dropped. By simply bringing your hand held vacuum cleaner on the trip, you can easily keep your temporary home clean and tidy on a day to day basis.

Cat and dog hair

If you own pets you will know that their hair gets everywhere they go and it can be a challenge to remove it. A hand held vacuum cleaner can help you remove the hair regularly and easily, leaving your home fresh and clean.


A full size vacuum cleaner can be heavy and difficult to take upstairs, making vacuuming the stairs an onerous task. However, a hand held vacuum cleaner is much lighter with no heavy hose and makes the job of cleaning the stairs much easier and enjoyable.

For minor spillages, which do not justify the use of a traditional full size cleaner, vacuuming can be easily and conveniently performed by a hand held vacuum cleaner. Simple to set up and use, these cleaners are the ideal answer to small cleaning chores.

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