Vinyl – The Real Timber Alternative to Flooring


If we’re absolutely honest, we would all love to have a hardwood floor, as the timeless elegance enhances any setting, and with a range of timbers and grains, there’s little to beat a timber floor. The downside is the very high price, as select timber is no longer within the average homeowner’s budget, yet there is an alternative that, like timber, ticks all the boxes, yet costs a fraction of the price of real timber flooring, which is modern vinyl.

Quality Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl can be fabricated in either planks or tiles, which gives you a wide scope when thinking of floor designs and patterns, and the technology involved in creating the timber grains makes it as close to the real thing as is possible. There is very affordable, customised vinyl flooring in Perth and surrounding areas, and with the supplier’s expertise, they can suggest many variations, with ash, tudor and walnut, all popular choices. If you are seriously considering replacing your floor, talk to a vinyl specialist, and preferably a company that’s been in the trade for a few years.


Vinyl goes off the scale with durability and you can expect decades of trouble free use, and modern finishes are softer underfoot, mimicking the luxurious feel of hardwood. What’s more, vinyl is completely waterproof and suitable for any environment, and with professional installation, you have a silent floor with vinyl. There are a number of ways to lay a vinyl floor, depending on the substrate, and the supplier would recommend the best solution.


If you are thinking that vinyl is a cheap imitation of the real thing, you have probably walked on a few vinyl floors that you thought were real timber, and technology has enabled stunning replications, with stylish timber grains that simply never fade. Vinyl possesses warmth, like timber, yet you have none of the essential maintenance that comes with wood, and regarding cost, vinyl is in a category of its own. There is a range of both light and dark timber grain replications, and with more than a dozen different designs, there’s something to suit every home.

Technical Data

Modern vinyl planking comes in 48 x 6 inch planks, which are 5mm in thickness, and can be cut and shaped accordingly. The surface is protected with a wear layer, which is just under 1mm thick, and this clear coating protects the vinyl continuously, and makes the surface easy to clean. The product has a non-slip rating and is fire resistant to government standards, and with a full 25-year warranty on domestic installations, you have a very cost effective flooring that looks and feels like real timber. The planking is multi-layered, with a touch ceramic coating and micro bevels, the surface is the result of many years of research and development.

Simply put, modern vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes, which is why it has rapidly become the most popular flooring solution for Australian homeowners, and a quick Google search will put you in touch with a local supplier.

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