Everything You Need to Know about Home Heating Oil


Home heating oil is available in many different varieties. As winter approaches, many people in parts of England and Northern Ireland often start stocking up on home heating oil. Compared to standard oil, home heating oil is very different. The viscosity of this oil is very low, and it is mainly used in furnaces or burners installed in houses and buildings. The oil serves as a fuel to keep the heater running. A number of different petroleum-based hydrocarbons are used in home heating oil, most of which tend to condense anywhere between 250 and 350 degrees Centigrade.

When compared with candle wax, bitumen, and lubricating oil, heating oil generally condenses at a much lower temperature. Many people often refer to home heating oil as red diesel, mainly due to the addition of red dye in the mixture. There are plenty of companies that supply home heating oil for Northern Ireland. Obviously, different suppliers charge different prices, so you need to be careful when placing an order. Here are a few things you need to know when ordering home heating oil:

Heating Oil

Order from a Reputable Company

The quality of heating oil can have a major impact on the performance of your furnace or burner. There are plenty of places in Northern Ireland from where you can get good quality home heating oil. Many famous companies also offer home delivery services and reduced rates in order to stay competitive in the industry. Because it is such an essential product for house owners in Northern Ireland, there are plenty of nationwide delivery services in the area that now offer home heating oil. Most of these companies have their own networks and different depots throughout the country. This allows them to deliver from nearby depots, thus reducing delivery times considerably.

Customer Support

Many people look for different ways to reduce their heating bills. However, this is much easier said than done. But, many home heating oil suppliers have dedicated customer support centres. You can easily ask them for different ways on how to reduce your heating costs. Because the natural gas network in Northern Ireland developed so late, many households rely on heating oils to remain warm.

Without proper guidance and assistance, your heating costs will go through the roof. There are plenty of different things you need to know when storing heating oil, as well. For instance, there are numerous regulations in the United Kingdom that must be met for the safe installation and maintenance of an oil storage tank. As per the laws, it is considered to be a criminal offence if you keep a tank that violates the regulations. Owners who do not take proper care when installing the tanks are also liable to get fined. They may also incur the costs of cleaning up the oil spill in case one occurs. Therefore, it is best to get in touch with your oil supplier to find out more.

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