Limestone Lookalike: Using Quartz for the Same Style Countertops


Limestone is a natural stone that’s in demand for kitchen countertops because of its high quality and attractive appearance, but it’s also prone to scratches and other damage – and that’s why many homeowners are instead using quartz to produce countertops that look just like limestone.Limestone Lookalike

Quartz countertops are produced in factories and can be made in a wide range of colors and styles, whether it’s a solid color or to mimic more expensive natural stone like granite, marble, or limestone. Because quartz is man-made, it’s an incredibly strong material for countertops and is far less susceptible to stains, scratches and other damage that can harm a limestone countertop.

It’s also very easy to keep quartz looking as good as new by cleaning it with some soap and water, and unlike stone, there’s no need to seal quartz countertops to protect against absorption damage.

Using quartz for countertops means that homeowners can get the limestone look with slabs made to resemble the brown, earthy tones that have made limestone so popular in kitchens.

For example, select a light beige quartz countertop with small flecks of gold and other colors to look just like a limestone countertop. The neutral shade will match nicely with a good variety of different-colored kitchen cabinets and appliances, and looks great in most styles of kitchen.

Or use a similar beige quartz countertop but this time with flecks of varying shades of red for a simple yet stylish appearance. The light coloring can work nicely to project a rustic kitchen, but it can also be used to give the room a contemporary, elegant and modern look.

Yet another choice is using a lighter shade of beige as the main color for a quartz countertop that features flecks of other shades of white and brown. The light overall color for the countertop will make the flecks truly stand out, creating a nice neutral finish for the room.

Limestone isn’t just beige in color, it can also be gray – and quartz can also be produced in this style. Use a solid gray quartz countertop with mild flecks of other shades of gray, and anyone who sees it will be unable to distinguish between quartz and actual limestone. It’s a subtle color scheme that’s also versatile and can be made to work with most design goals.

But quartz made to look like limestone doesn’t just have to be a single color with light markings. Instead, use quartz for countertops that look like other types of limestone with more prominent specks and swirls. One great style is a medium shade of brown as the base color for the countertop with large blends of white and other shades of brown, creating a colorful, eye-catching finish.

As shown above, homeowners that want to achieve the look of limestone but are concerned about using it for countertops in a busy kitchen can still have their design dreams granted by instead opting for using quartz countertops produced to flawlessly mimic the real thing.

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